"Our mission is to connect people to the stars through the practices of indigenous astronomical knowledge, that empowers communities, reaffirms identity and revitalizes the past for the future"


Professor Rangi Matamua, of Tūhoe, is a senior academic at the University of Waikato NZ. He travels throughout the country giving public lectures about Matariki and Māori Astronomy to a number of eager audiences. He is also a star gazer by night, reading, watching and translating the messages left to us that are written in the night sky.

Professor Matamua holds extensive knowledge about our skies, star clusters, galaxies and planets. He is a fifth generation Māori astronomer on a mission to disseminate star lore left to him by his tīpuna Te Kōkau & Rāwiri Te Kōkau.

He is the author of the critically acclaimed book, Matariki that was released in 2017 and represents an authentic Māori view and understanding of the star cluster.

Join Professor Rangi Matamua as he shares with us extensive knowledge around Māori astronomy and how we can all Live by The Stars.