Professional learning and development

In the past 20 years there has been a huge increase in interest and focus on Māori astronomy, Māori environmental practices and mātrauranga Māori.  The incorporation of Māori New Year celebrations like Matariki, Puanga and practices like maramataka has resulted in  more awareness around different knowledge systems and ways of knowing.  It has also created a demand for information to support people to understand and interact with the movement of the astronomical bodies and how to implement this knowledge into practice.


The purpose of this online programme is to provide participants with the following:

  • An understanding of matariki and the maramataka from its history, mechanics, cultural importance and its application and relevance in our modern world
  • Practical knowledge of how to engage with matariki and the maramataka including keeping time, the Māori New Year, Hautapu ceremony and reading environmental indicators
  • A set of related resources to support the learnings and help participants to engage with the knowledge taught in this programme

Key topics

Main themes and key topics that will be explored in the wānanga include,

  • Introduction to maramataka
  • Understanding timekeeping systems
  • Decolonising time
  • Lunar month and lunar phase
  • Implementing maramataka today
  • Introduction to matariki
  • Origins and beliefs
  • Hautapu ceremony


The online programme will be delivered online across 8 wānanga. There will be 1 wānanga each week for 8 weeks. Each wānanga will be 6 hours long.

To gain the full experience we suggest that you have the following:

  • 2 computer monitors to view the live presentations and clips with also engaging with the tasks and worksheets.


This is delivered online nationally and globally.

Delivery dates:

Wānanga 1: Tuesday 26th March - 3pm to 9pm
Wānanga 2:   Tuesday 2nd April - 3pm to 9pm
Wānanga 3: Tuesday 9th April - 3pm to 9pm
Wānanga 4: Tuesday 23rd April - 3pm to 9pm 
Wānanga 5: Tuesday 30th April - 3pm to 9pm
Wānanga 6: Tuesday 7th May - 3pm to 9pm
Wānanga 7: Tuesday 14th May - 3pm to 9pm
Wānanga 8: Tuesday 21st May - 3pm to 9pm



This programme also comes with a full suite of resources to support your engagement and learning. These resources will be distributed to your address once full registration is complete. 

  • Ngā Mata o te Marama - Phases of the Moon (Poster)
  • Ngā Whetū o Matariki - The Stars of Matariki (Poster)
  • Te Waka o Rangi (Poster)
  • Ngā Ringaringa Whetū - Hand actions for the stars (Poster)
  • The Matariki three year calendar system (English Calendar)
  • Ngā Mata o te Maramataka (Magnets)
  • Ngā Mata o te Maramataka (Flash Cards)
  • Ngā Ringaringa Whetū (Flash Cards)
  • Finding Matariki (Card)
  • Matariki The Star of the Year (Book)


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