Te Tau Toru Nui o Matariki Calendar

Te Tau Toru nui o Matariki is a three year calendar system with Matariki at its heart.  This Māori time keeping method is based on the position of the sun which marks the season, the predawn rising of certain stars that mark the month and the changing lunar phases that mark day.  The triangulation of sun, stars and moon along with other ecological and seasonal factors all feed into this unique calendar system. 

Following a 3 year cycle, where an additional month is added into the calendar every 3 years based on the sighting of Matariki, this system will allow you to sync into a Māori division of time. 

This resource includes a waiata and hand actions that measure the rising of stars allowing people to learn the changing rhythms and sequence of the Matariki calendar.

Te Tau Toru Nui o Matariki Calendar Explanation
Ngā Marama o te tau Māori Waiata